Model sanitation campaign.

sanitation that is directly related to social environment and human health, Heralo Academy, Pokhara, Pokhara Sub-metropolitan city and Tole improvement committee, Rambazar jointly started a modal ‘sanitation campaign’ format at Rambazar Pokhara on the day of 7th Falgun, 2059 B.S. The programme held in the chief hospitality of Mr. Shiva Datta Bhattarai, the excutive officer of Pokhara Sub-metropolitan ciry, Rambazar Pokhara , the people of ward No. 10 and 15, the students, and the teachers of locality, government personnels and the members of the Tole Improvement Committee had participated in it. The programme was organized with the purpose of making common people aware on how to manage the waste materials produced from their own houses, how to manage the waste materials produced from the organic waste materials for self use or to make it the source of income and coordinator Mr. Rosh Gurung informate the people (participants) about the garbage management and its use. In the context of the programme, the women of ward no.10 and 15 were given training by the Technicians of GTZ /VDLE on has to prepare compost fertilizer from . The organic waste-materials, at the meeting hall of pokhara sub-metropolitan city on 4th and 5th of Baishakh, 2060 B.S.