The First General Assembly.

The First General Assembly of Heralo Academy, pokhara was held in Olive village Restaurant, Nishikoyama, Tokyo on 10th on January 1999 A.D. The assembly which was held at 12.30 p.m., formed the managing committee, sub- committee and constitution Draft committee. In the managing committee, Mr. Mahendra shrestha- chairman, Mr. Niraj Thapa-Executive vice chairman, Mr. Chandra Bhattachan- vice chairman, Mr. Som Gurung- member secretary, Mr. Hem chandra Gurung- Director, Mr. Jyoti pun- Director, Mr. Rosh Gurung- Director , Mr.Jham Gurung – Director and Mr. Tej Bahadur Gurung,Director have been selected . Accordingly, Mr. Tej Gurung in Foregn contact sub-committee, Mr. Hem Chandra Gurung in publication sub- committee, Mr. Jham Gurung in Extra- curricular Activities sub- committee, Mr. Jyoti pun in Fund collection sub- committee and Rosh Gurung in Natural Disaster sub- committee have been selected again .