The First Regional conference.

Due to the difficulty to assemble at one place and time for the Nepalese people living in different part of the kingdom of Japan to organize programmes, according to the objective to run programmes in different pleces in regional level for the Nepalese people who have been living in Nagoya and Shijuoka areas, the Regional conference of the Heralo Academy was held in Toyota city, Japan on 4th . March 1999 to give introduction, importance and its rationale among the Nepalese people. Chairman Mr. Mahendra shrestha shed light on the establishment, objectives and future programmes of the Academy. In the programme chaired by the Executive vice chairman Mr. Niraj Thapa and run by its member Mr. Yam poudel the founder and the general members of the Heralo Academy, pokhara, who live in different places of Nagoya, Aichi and Shijuoka areas took part actively there.