Heralo (pokhara observation vol .1 and 2) publication and Release programme.

Means of communication play a vital role to increase awareness in the society . keeping in mind the statement, “change for development, awareness for change and communication for awareness,” Heralo Academy, pokhara has published a magazine called æ Heralo Æ to increase awareness though magazines among the common people . Heralo Academy, pokhara observation vol. 1. that is published as the collection of various subject about pokhara was released by the honorable speaker of parliament Mr. Taranath Ranabhat on 9th . Ashwin. 2056 B.S. . The programme was held at the meeting hall of hotel Fewa prince in the chairmanship of the chairman Mr. Mahendra shresthe in the chief hospilality of honorable speaker of the parliament, Mr. Taranath Ranabhat . In the programme run by Mr. Niranjan shretha, the member Mr. Som Gurung , the secretary, delivered a welcome speech and Assistant lecturer Mr. Huma kanta pandey made a comment on the magazine. ‘Heralo’ (pokhara observation vol. 2) was published in 2058 B.S. with a view to introduce and inform about the different aspect and subjects of pokhara as far as possible. The magazine was disseminated by the mayor of komagane, Japan who had come to pokhara on the occasion of pokhara komagane Friendly Relationship signature programme.