"Every nepali citizen should be concerned of their country by themselves."

Click here-(2nd. July,2019) हेरालो प्रतिष्ठान कास्कीको संयोजनमा विकट दुर्गम क्षेत्रका सामुदायिक विद्यालयमा अध्ययनरत दलित बालिकाहरुलाई बुद्ध फाउण्डेशन जापान द्वारा शैक्षिक सहयोगको रुपमा मिमी हेरालो छात्रवृत्ति स्याङ्गजा जिल्ला फेदीखोला गाउँपालिका वडा नं ५ श्री मैदान मा. वि स्थित बाँगे फड्केमा एक कार्यक्रम आयोजना गरी हस्तान्तरण गरियो ।


Pokhara is a confluence with its natural gifts of Himalayas, hills, streams, natural beauties etc. Even Pokhara being with a small area, it has been able to keep its fame internationally due to its natural beauty. It is not only praised by Nepalese or in the mind of Nepali only but live in the mind of the people of the world. Respecting its fame, natural beauty and with an objective to maintain its fame, in the year 1998 Heralo Academy was established in the capital of Japan, Tokyo. Since last 15 years, Pokhara is the sole working area of Academy.

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  • 1. Remaining active in education, health, foreign employment in Pokhara
  • 2. To keep aware against social indecency
  • 3. Publication of awareness and informative publications, bulletins, souvenirs
  • 4. Launch creative activities to make Pokhara well-liked in National and International arena
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We request to all the enthusiast people to join hands in our mission to improve the educational,health,environmental and cultural aspect of pokhara

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